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Celebrities doing the ALS ice bucket challenge

wow im really happy that all of these wealthy people would prefer doing this than donating money to a charity that will save lives

Okay, I’m a stop you right there. Yes, the basis of the challenge is dump water on your head or donate. But what this challenge is meant to do is RAISE AWARENESS. People who see this end up wondering and then learning what ALS is. And who better to spread the message than celebrities?

People who do the challenge are also still asked to make a donation, and to pass on the challenge. This is good. These celebrities are raising awareness, spreading the message, and probably still donating. But hey, they’re horrible people because they participated in this right? It would ‘ve been better if they wrote a check and never told anyone about it at all.

fun reminder that lady gaga also did this and then donated $10,000 to the foundation and i doubt she’s the only one to do that so pls chill

just before they dumped the water over themselves in the video, taylor swift and her friend showed the stack of $100 dollar bills they were donating for themselves and every person in giant group of people they had around them

tom hiddleston isn’t on this gif set but he not only talked about donating before being dumped on but he also gave a little blurb about the charity itself at the beginning of his video.

carson said at the end of the “voice” video with himself, adam levine, and blake shelton, that they were all giving money to als.

jimmy fallon, the roots, and rob riggle, and horatio sanz all did it together on fallon’s show and talked about the charity and announced they were both doing the challenge and donating and plugged where the audience could go to donate as well.

they just also know that we like to see them dump ice water over their heads bc it’s entertaining and i appreciate that xD


being a pizza delivery driver is great because literally no one is disappointed to see you


whenever somebody says like “so what did you do today?” just look off into the distance and say “the right thing”


when someone accidentally spoils your favourite tv show and then tries to apologise 



The trifecta of Marvel Chrises will soon be complete.

Original work. A map of Westeros from A Game Of Thrones in the style of Google Maps. 

Original work. A map of Westeros from A Game Of Thrones in the style of Google Maps. 


abs game so strong




is ink poisoning even a thing or are white moms just against body art

you would have to drink all the ink out of 15 pens to get minor ink poisoning


RDJ takes the ALS ice bucket challenge. [x]